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INOCON supports the aviation industry in successfully implementing optimized IT solutions.

Project Focus

Our project focus is on software development projects as well as projects for the procurement, customization and implementation of off-the-shelf airline software solutions.

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We provide tailored support for project execution in all phases of the project lifecycle: From business analysis, functional specification and system design to implementation and test.

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Our Project Focus - Software Engineering and Customization

Our project focus is on software engineering projects as well as projects for the procurement, customization and implementation of off-the- shelf airline software solutions.

Software Engineering Projects 

INOCON supports you in the design, development and implementation of tailored software solutions. Benefit from our longtime project experience and our methodological skills in software engineering to develop solutions that best fit your companys specific business needs. Capitalize on your investments by building IT solutions that support your specific business processes and help you to implement your unique business strategy to maintain and achieve new competitive advantages.

Procurement and Customization of Off-The-Shelf Airline Software Solutions

Implementing off-the-shelf airline software solutions can be a way to benefit from airline best practices associated with standard aviation software, to respond faster to changing business needs and to reduce project risks and total cost of ownership. To successfully leverage these potentials, INOCON supports you in identifying the best fit solution by structured vendor and product evaluation, in system customization and configuration to fit the selected software product to your specific business needs and in the successful implementation and migration. Our customers benefit from our industry expertise and our knowledge of packaged airline IT solutions and providers.

Capitalize on Your IT Investments

Our customers benefit from our methodological skills in software engineering and project execution, complemented by operations research competence.

Our Capabilities - Supporting Project Execution in all Project Phases

We provide tailored support for project execution in all phases of the project lifecycle

INOCON supports project execution across the whole project life cycle – from requirements analysis, design, development and test to implementation and roll out. We adapt our project approach und methodology to the specific requirements of each individual project and – if applicable – to the procedure models applied by our customers for each specific project type.   

Business Process Analysis and Design

Based on our longtime experience in the airline industry and our knowledge of industry best practices, we support our airline customers in analyzing, modeling and reengineering of their business processes.

Proof-of-Concept Studies / Potential Assessment

INOCON provides preliminary studies and prototyping for the assessment of optimization potentials by applying operations research methodology. Based on this information, business case calculations for the commercial assessment of planned projects for the implementation of optimization solutions will become more reliable.

Requirements Engineering

INOCON supports you in the complete and clear identification, specification and documentation of your functional and non functional requirements. Through our many years of experience in the aviation industry, we are speaking the “aviation language” and we understand your business needs - a major prerequisite for the successful transpation into detailed system requirements.

Vendor and Product Evaluation

Based on detailed requirements analysis, we support our customers in finding the "best fit" IT solutions for their specific business needs by providing structured evaluation of vendors and software products. To support our customers procurement processes, we are preparing Request for proposal (RFP) and - information (RFI) documents.

Functional Specification

INOCON supports IT software development by generating functional specification to describe the system at different level of detail.
By early and close involvement of our customers business departments in the process of creation of functional specifications, we increase user acceptance and reduce project risks.

Initial Configuration and Business Rules Setup

A main task during implementation of business rules based IT systems is the initial configuration and setup of business rules to fine tune the system business logic to the functional business requirements. INOCON supports project execution in the initial setup, documentation and test of business rules.

Test Definition and Planning

INOCON supports the test planning and the creation of test procedures, scenarios and test cases as well as the test result analysis. Our focus is on functional testing for software verification and validation.

Design and Implementation of OR Solutions

INOCON designs, develops and implements packaged optimization solutions to improve efficiency of exsting IT solutions. These modular software components are interfacing with existing airline IT solutions and are integrated in our customers existing IT landscape.